The Local Authority of the Future

“You must understand that we all look forward to an eventual unification of the world as one nation.”
- Edward Bellamy

“Justin Bieber’s fan club is as much of a city as London.”
- Liam Young

The purpose of this project is to experiment with uncertainty, risk-taking and failure in developing and understanding innovation and strategy projects, in response to a given brief:

Local Authorities in the UK (also known as ‘Councils’) are experiencing a range of pressures that are increasingly disruptive to them. They are having to do more on ever tightening budgets, with an ageing population experiencing physical, mental and social health problems, and with new conceptions of ‘the social’ challenging their very organisational identities. Furthermore, different councils have to deal with their own context-specific issues, including – but not restricted to – whether they operate in rural, metropolitan or urban settings. Given the constraints identified, we investigate, critically evaluate and propose innovative outcomes regarding the Local Authority of the Future.

The project was part of the MA Innovation Management and was developed in collaboration with the London Boroughs of Camden and Highbury & Islington.

City Trends (Download)

The Local Authority of the Future (Download)

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